Beyond the Sale

The RMI team strives to provide their best in all of the following areas:

  • Reliability in product, delivery and quality
  • Commitment to provide overall customer satisfaction
  • Support in problem solving through our engineering expertise - our resources are your resources
  • Service with quick turnaround of quote requests and immediate response to delivery issues
  • Investment in updating systems and acquiring the latest technology in equipment

We take pride in assisting our customers to be competitive and profitable.

Quality Assurance

RMI is an ISO-9001:2015 certified company. Our dedication to continuous improvement is shared by all employees. Our quality system includes all of the required processes, in addition to the many processes we have developed, which are vital to meeting our goal of zero defects.

  • Material traceability through out the process
  • Shop floor data collection system
  • Final audits and inspections
  • Vendor evaluations
  • PPAP, capability analysis & other documentation upon request



Exceptional Quality

In 1992, Rives Manufacturing, Inc. was founded on the principle of providing quality service through all facets of the company, from quote submission, through the production process, to delivering the final product on time.

Price Quotes

Right from the get-go, we provide our customers with some of the fastest price quote turnarounds in the industry. It's just the first step in delivering exceptional quality service to our clients.

  • Basic Parts
    • Firm price quote in three business days
  • Advanced Parts (Heat-treated, coated, finished, or components)
    • Rough estimate in three business days
    • Firm pricing in ten business days


This is where we forge ahead of the competition. Our lead employees each have over 30 years of experience within the manufacturing industry, assuring our client base that the parts they order are made with the greatest knowledge, precision and care. Also, our production systems are very flexible to suit our customers' order quantities and/or specific requests.

  • Prototypes
  • High to low volume production runs
  • Service part runs


Our exceptional service doesn't stop when the production line does. We guarantee your order will be delivered on-time, because we ship our products out with the same precision as we use to create them.

  • Raw material inventory and supply base, adjusted to each individual production schedule
  • Efficient, well-maintained equipment that is fine-tuned to meet specific job and volume requirements