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Hot Upsetting Capabilities

Our machines have the capability to hot upset materials of the following sizes:

  • 3/16" to 1" diameters (4.76 - 25.4mm)
  • 4" to 96" long (101.6 - 2438.4mm)

Heading Services

Rives Manufacturing always delivers on time. That saves you time and makes your job easier. Let us eliminate your delivery headaches on rod parts.

Hot Upset / Hot Upsetting

"Is the plastic deformation of metals at temperatures above the recrystallization or work-hardening range. Advantages of hot upsetting are low resistance to plastic deformation, a high degree of ductility in the product, refinement of course grains, and improvement of mechanical properties".
Chipless Machining, Charles Wick, 1960 pg. 21

Essentially, hot upsetting, also known as hot upset forging, is a process by which a round, uniform section of metal (bar, tube, etc.) is compressed by applying heat and pressure, which expands its diameter.


Hot upsetting is most often applied when producing common parts, such as engine valves, couplings, bolts, screws and other fasteners. Rives Manufacturing can hot upset materials to meet your precise specifications.

Rives Manufacturing, Inc.

Rives Manufacturing is the industry leader in providing exceptional service for hot upset, cold heading, cold headed parts and CNC wire forms. We also specialize in CNC Wireforming, Hot Upsetting, Heavy Coining, Thread Rolling, Machining and Drilling.

Mission Statement RMI's mission is to provide our customers with an exceptional level of service. Our primary capabilities are: CNC wireforming, hot upsetting, cold heading, heavy coining wire straightening & cutting. Our secondary capabilities are: thread rolling machining & drilling. With Rives Manufacturing, Inc. you have the convenience, plus the time and cost saving associated with a single source supplier. The goal of RMI is to save you money at each and every stage of the buying process.

RMI began operations in 1992. We supply high quality, hot upset parts to automotive, lawn and garden, furniture, medical manufacturing, agricultural, and other OEM companies. We're experienced. Our key employees each have at least thirty years experience in the cold heading and wire forming business. Our experience can assist you with difficult-to-make wire and rod designs, saving you time money. We're responsive and we react quickly. We can prototype your new concepts fast. Our turnaround time can help you get your new products to market quicker.

Have RMI Provide Your Hot Upsetting Services

Try us out today and see for yourself how we can handle your hot upset forging services. Give RMI a call or send an email. Contact us about any engineering projects that your are planning and we will assist you with the entire process.

Call, fax or email us with any questions or concerns you may have on any rod and wire project. Prints can be emailed in PDF, DWG, DXF, IGS, and ZIP file formats.

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