Household Uses

Special Wire Forms

Funeral Homes / Cemeteries

  • Wreath Holders
  • Grave Blanket Holders

Tent Stakes
(¾" diameter)

Tower Braces

  • Satellite Towers
  • Cell Phone Towers


  • Safety Screen Assemblies


  • Cap & Threaded
  • Electrostatic Precipitators

Surveyor Stakes

Hinge Pins

  • Safety Gates / Guards
  • Fencing
  • Machine Enclosures

HG Wire Worx

CNC Wire Forming Services

The capabilities of our CNC wire forming process, as well as other wire services, include:

CNC Wire Forming

  • Diameters of 3/16" to 9/16" (4.76 - 14.29mm)
  • 3 - 7 axis machines
  • Chamfering and cold heading

CNC Multi-slide Forming

  • .394 (10mm) diameter capacity
  • Multi-axis machine providing high volume efficiency
  • Flexible tooling system to save tooling costs on low volume parts

Regular Wire forming

  • 20 to 150 ton presses

Wire Straightening & Cutting

  • Diameters of 3/16" to 1/2" (4.76 - 12.7mm)
  • Lengths up to 72" (1828mm)

Rives Manufacturing can turn your quotes around fast. We anticipate your problems and let you know about them so you have time to react, making your job easier. Try RMI on your next CNC wireform job.

3D Prototype Printer

RMI has incorporated 3-D printing to aid in Rapid Prototyping and improving the development process for ourselves and our customers.  Ultra-thin- layer, high resolution 3D printing systems utilizing polymer jetting technology produce smooth surfaced, fine detailed models.  Fully cured models can be handled and used immediately.  A full range of materials with different mechanical properties and opacity are available.

Technical Specifications

Layer Thickness (Z-axis)

Horizontal build layers of 28-micron (0.0011 in.)

Net Build Size (XxYxZ)

294 x 192 x 148.6 mm
(11.57 x 7.55 x 5.85 in.)


0.1 mm (0.0039 in.).  Accuracy varies according to geometry, part orientation and print size.

Material Supported

Simulating Standard Plastics

  • Transparent
  • Rigid Opaque
  • Black, Blue, White & Grey
  • Polypropylene-like

Various Mechanical Properties available