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Engineering Change to 1/2 Tolerance
RMI - A Solution for Reducing Tolerances

Rives Manufacturing, Inc. revised a new program to deliver a 50% reduction of the quoted manufacturing tolerance.


A program for a new crossover was on the verge of failure. Late timing. Design and feasibility issues. Serious issues focused on the Liftgate, where glass-sheetmetal fit was inconsistent. Our part was the liftgate striker.
The Program Manager at a point of no return with his reputation and job on the line, turned to RMI to solve the problem before it was too late. He asked if we could cut our tolerance in half?
While our part was on time and to spec, we were called late to the party because the compounding variation of the final assembly (not our responsibility) masked the true complexity. If we could reduce tolerance, the program could work without impacting any other suppliers.


Rives Manufacturing went back to the drawing board. We went to the assembly plant. We watched the assembly process. We modified our check fixtures to reflect how parts are actually assembled. Then, we redesigned our tooling and re-engineered our process.



RMI enabled the program manager to maintain project timing and cost. He didn’t have to approach any other suppliers to get back on track. The new crossover launched on time.
RMI is dedicated to successful partnerships. We solve problems. We go above-and-beyond. We are your go-to supplier.


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